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My Best Leadership Training Curriculum
Lesson Summary:

The Three A’s of Leadership: Anointing, ability, and authority, effective
leaders need all three.
Leaders And Effective Planning:  Why we don't like to plan and six keys
for planning well.

Building & Maintaining Enthusiasm for Ministry: Sometimes you just
want to quit. Here's practical ways to keep your leaders going.

The Patient Leader: We need patience with people, programs,
ourselves, and God.

The Prayerful Leader: Prayer insures power, sensitivity, victory, and

What Makes a Great Leader?:  Six insights from Acts Six

The Leader And People Problems: Ministry involves people and people
mean problems. How do effective leaders handle problems?

The Leader’s Character Exposed: The three things that reveal character
and maturity in a leader.

Honest Leadership: The five ways we can deviate from honesty.

Leaders Need a Tent: An lesson taken from the life of Moses designed
to encourage our leaders to spend time alone with God.

The Smaller The Ego, The Bigger The Leader: A big ego sabotages
leadership. A small ego releases leadership.

Leaders And The Little Things: Little areas of compromise, or little
areas of righteousness, have great ramifications.

The Gandhi Principle of Leadership: Leaders are called to be out in
front of, not behind, those they lead.
Copyright, Dave Jacobs 2012