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Coaching, Consulting, and Resources for Pastors of Smaller Churches.
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To schedule a free, no obligation
introductory phone appointment
simply click on the link below.

Remember, there is no obligation.
This is a way for you to get to know me
and decide if you or your church might
benefit from my services.
Preaching Coach Package Deal

You get:

1. Three sermons evaluated.
2. One 60 minute phone coaching
3. A written report for your files.

All for only $120

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Consulting fees

Coaching is when I work with the pastor,
consulting is when I work with the pastor
along with the church, i.e. church board,
leadership team, etc.  To know when it's
good to bring in a consultant,
go here.

My fees for consulting are determined on
a case by case basis. If interested, let's
Coaching and consulting is how I earn my living, therefore I need to set fees
that are realistic for those seeking my services and to insure that my family's
needs are met. For coaching, you have two options:

Flat fee. Normally I charge $60 per one hour phone session. Since coaching
is not a "quick fix", and change takes time, I recommend two sessions a
month with at least a three month commitment.

Sliding scale. For those who can't afford my normal fee I can also offer a sliding scale fee based on
1% of the combined monthly income of you and your spouse. You figure out what that amounts to and
I'll trust you. And again, I recommend two sessions a month with a minimal of three months.

If you feel that both of these options will be difficult for you, let's talk. I don't want anyone who wants
coaching to go without.

To begin simply contact me by email to arrange a no obligation, free 45 minute introductory phone
session so we can get to know each other and so that I can understand your situation. I will then be
able to share with you how my coaching might help and we can discuss payment options. No
pressure, I promise.
“I have known Dave Jacobs since his
high school days in San Jose.   You will
find him dedicated, a man of integrity,
and a treasured mentor in ministry.  He
is not out to get rich or build a name for
himself, he just loves the Lord and
wants to help others with a kindred
spirit.  I can recommend him without
-Bryce Jessup, President,           
William Jessup University, retired.
"Dave is one of the most resourceful
team leaders we have on the regional
team for church planting in the Vineyard.  
He produces workshops, seminars, and
personal coaching in spiritual formation,
marriage enrichment, and specific
church growth issues.  If you work with
Dave, you get a holistic coach with
detailed experience."
-Randy Knutson, western regional director of
church planting, The Vineyard.
Kind words...
"You're paying for results."
- Dave Jacobs