Small Church Pastor
Coaching, Consulting, and Resources for Pastors of Smaller Churches.
Copyright, Dave Jacobs 2012
1. When they feel stuck.

2. When considering a new direction.

3. When they need a fresh set of eyes.

4. When considering their first hire.

5. When considering their first church plant.

6. If momentum or morale is bad.

7. When they are in decline.

8. When they have plateaued.

9. When nothing seems to be working.

10. If there is a need for someone to mediate conflict.

11. When bringing in a new pastor.

12. When determining the pay-package for their pastor or staff member.

13. If they are a new church plant.

14. When faced with a crisis.

15. When wanting to do a church audit/diagnostic.

16. When considering getting their first building.

17. When the leadership feels they are running out of ideas.

18. When preparing to set new goals for the up-coming year.

19. When faced with the likely hood of needed to fire or lay someone off.

20. When they have a mutiny on their hands.
A church needs a consultant...
Kind words...
"From his rich experience, he brings a
seasoned and sober understanding of
what life is like for the small church
pastor. As a result he offers a healthy
and hopeful perspective on how to
fulfill God's call in this unique pastoral
setting. Dave's coaching and consulting
will make a difference for any pastor of
an average American Church."
-Russ Ikeda Emmaus Ministries of Silicon
"Dave has made an impact on my life
that will last for eternity. I can't speak
highly enough of his character and I can't
think of anyone I would more proudly
recommend for coaching and
-Matt Sampson Southern Oregon Regional
Director, Sparrow Clubs, USA