Small Church Pastor
Coaching, Consulting, and Resources for Pastors of Smaller Churches.
Copyright, Dave Jacobs 2012
1. If you feel stuck in a certain area of your life or ministry

2. If you feel stuck in an area pertaining to your personal ministry

3. If you need help in a certain area of ministry-skill, i.e. counseling
preaching, administration, goal-setting, leadership development, etc.

4. If you are considering transitioning out of ministry or to another

5. If you are a new church planter

6. If you are faced with a crisis either personal or professional

7. If you are preparing to select your first board

8. If you want to better your preaching skills

9. If you need help in working with a dysfunctional board.

10. If you are getting ready to hire your first staffer.

11. Basically any time you feel stuck.
The top 10 times in your life
when you need a coach:
"It's not about your
church, it's about you."
- Dave Jacobs